Craft to dye for Crossword Clue

This hint or crossword puzzle clue Craft to dye for, the answer to which consists 5 letters in our opinion, maybe was the last time in the LA Times Crossword October 18 2021, and the solution to this hint is the BATIK. In the list below you can find all suggested answers sorted by rating, as well as all crossword puzzles in which this hint was found.

RatingAnswerLenghtClue or Hint
100%BATIK5Craft to dye for
68%RIT3Brand to dye for?
66%EASTER6It's to dye for
50%PUNS4The salon names To Dye For and Best Little Hairhouse (both real!), e.g.
49%INDIGO6Dye for denim
48%HENNA5Dye for temporary tattoos
48%BATIK5Dyeing craft
47%ARK3Craft for couples
47%CANOE5Craft for Sacajawea
47%ARK3Craft for critters
46%VIE3To compete for
45%EASTER6A time to dye
45%EASTER6Occasion to dye eggs
45%VAT3Good place to dye
45%EASTER6Good day to dye
45%CANOE5Craft for some Olympians
45%ARK3Craft for couples?
45%ROOTS5Dyeing targets for some
45%EGGS4Things dyed for Easter
45%RATEDG6For all to see
45%ALOUD5For everyone to hear
45%OVERT5For all to see
45%ALOUD5For all to hear
45%SUBROSA7For few to see
45%ALOUD5For everybody to hear
45%POR3For, to Fernando
45%ONPARADE8For all to see
45%INPUBLIC8For everyone to see
45%OUTINTHEOPEN12For all to see
45%PUBLICLY8For all to see

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