Follow As Some Rules Crossword Clue

This hint or crossword puzzle clue Follow As Some Rules, the answer to which consists 8 letters in our opinion, maybe was the last time in the NYT Crossword June 15 2008, and the solution to this hint most perhaps is the CASTIRON. In the list below you can find all suggested answers sorted by rating, as well as all crossword puzzles in which this hint was found.

RatingAnswerLenghtClue or Hint
68%CASTIRON8Inflexible, as some rules
64%OBEY4Follow, as rules
64%OBEYS5Follows, as rules
64%ADHERINGTO10Following, as rules
62%OBEY4Follow, as a rule
62%HEWEDTO7Followed closely, as a set of rules
56%AMISH5People who follow a set of rules known as the Ordnung
54%IRR3Rule-breaking, as some verbs (abbr.)
50%DONTS5Some rules
48%ENSUE5Follow as a result
48%ENSUE5Follow as a consequence
48%ENSUED6Followed as a result
48%ENSUES6Follows as a result
48%RESULTED8Followed as a consequence
48%THUS4As follows
47%SUPERVENE9Follow as an unexpected result
47%OBEY4Follow the rules
47%NONOS5Some etiquette rules
47%ORALLAW7Some unwritten rules
47%EDICTAL7Like some rules
47%OBEYS5Follows the rules
47%DOITBYTHEBOOK13Follow every rule
47%BYLAW5Rule to follow
46%ING3As a rule
46%USUALLY7As a rule
46%GENERALLY9As a rule
46%ONAVERAGE9As a rule
46%REGULARLY9As a rule
46%NORMALLY8As a rule
46%INGENERAL9As a rule

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