Hardly any Crossword Clue

This hint or crossword puzzle clue Hardly any, the answer to which consists 4 letters in our opinion, maybe was the last time in the LA Times Crossword May 26 2023, and the solution to this hint is the ATAD. In the list below you can find all suggested answers sorted by rating, as well as all crossword puzzles in which this hint was found.

RatingAnswerLenghtClue or Hint
100%ATAD4Hardly any
100%FEW3Hardly any
100%AFEW4Hardly any
100%ABIT4Hardly any
100%SCANT5Hardly any
100%NOTALOT7Hardly any
100%ONEORTWO8Hardly any
89%NOTHINGFLAT11Hardly any time at all
87%LAME4Getting hardly any laughs
87%TAME4Having hardly any spice
83%NSEC4Hardly any time at all: Abbr.
81%TOYS4Works as if with hardly any challenges
81%BALD4With hardly any hair on the head
79%ATOM4It's hardly any matter at all
70%SENSE5"That hardly makes any ___."
62%ONEOR5— two (hardly any)
60%ORNO4Little __ (hardly any)
57%ORNO4Little ___ (hardly any)
49%SCANT5Hardly enough
49%TERSE5Hardly loquacious
49%PRIM4Hardly libertine
49%EVIL4Hardly holy
49%WIMPY5Hardly forceful
49%INEPT5Hardly successful
49%HOPELESS8Hardly promising

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