Shrivels with age Crossword Clue

This hint or crossword puzzle clue Shrivels with age, the answer to which consists 6 letters in our opinion, maybe was the last time in the Atlantic Crossword January 24 2023, and the solution to this hint is the WIZENS. In the list below you can find all suggested answers sorted by rating, as well as all crossword puzzles in which this hint was found.

RatingAnswerLenghtClue or Hint
100%WIZENS6Shrivels with age
63%WIZEN5Shrivel from age
63%HOARY5Gray with age
63%HOARY5White with age
63%ISM3Suffix with age
63%SENESCE7Deteriorate with age
63%DOTE4Decline with age
63%WIZEN5Wrinkle with age
63%PARCH5Shrivel with heat
58%ERA3Age with a name
58%WIZEN5Dry up with age
58%LOSTASTEP9Gotten slower with age
58%PATINA6Sheen formed with age
58%OENOLOGY8Science concerned with aging
58%RUSTBELT8Area with aging factories
57%SAG3Slump with age, say
57%SODA4It gets flatter with age
57%ATOMIC6Word with age or weight
57%FLAVOR6It may come with age
56%WINETASTER10One concerned with aging?
55%BABYFAT7Something most people lose with age
55%ISM3Suffix that comes with age?
55%WIZENS6Dries up and shrinks with age
55%HAIRLINE8It may get higher with age
55%HAIR4It often turns gray with age
55%UMAMI5Savory taste associated with aged cheese
55%GETTINGALO10With 29-Across, aging
54%ART3With 54 Across, Jazz Age style
53%GAP3Word with gender or age
53%EDAM4Aged, it pairs well with pears

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