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On this page you can find a list of crosswords clues start with <, and sorted by alphabetical.

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<0, briefly
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NNn nn N
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Fútbol outburst
"Quién es ___?"
#____ (2014 Sophia Amoruso autobiography adapted into a Netflix series)
+ or -
11 parts?
13th director DuVernay
1917 and 2001
1919 poet Ewing
1984 setting
1989 duo?
3 Feet High and Rising group
30 Rock character implied to be immortal
30 Rock character played by Jane Krakowski
30 Rock co-star of Tina and Alec
60 Minutes network
60 minuti
80 for ___ (2023 movie about four friends who travel to see their favorite quarterback, Tom, at the Super Bowl)
90 Day Fiancé breakout star Vega
90 Day Fiancé network
___ 911!
___ ___ Real Smooth (2022 Dakota Johnson movie)
___ All That (2021 movie starring Addison Rae)
___ amour (sign-off in a French love letter)
___ and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (Adult Swim classic)
___ and Michele's High School Reunion
___ and the Princesses of Power (2018 cartoon reboot)
___ and the Pussycats (classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon made into a 2001 movie)
___ ban ("boss" in Mandarin)
___ Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here! (long-running British TV show)
___ Christianity (C. S. Lewis book)
___ City (Comedy Central series following the misadventures of Abbi and Ilana)
___ Cousins Dangereux (French film in the Arrested Development universe)
___ Culturistas (podcast hosted by Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers)
___ Dark Materials
___ de la cuenta (too much)
___ Día Para Morir (Spanish translation of a Bond title)
___ Espookys (upcoming HBO Spanish-language comedy)
___ et maintenant ("here and now")
___ fresca (fruity drink)
___ From Away (2017 Tony winner)
___ From the Crypt (horror anthology series)
___ Gotta Have It (51-Across film set in Fort Greene, Brooklyn)