Ulysses has three Crossword Clue

This hint or crossword puzzle clue Ulysses has three, the answer to which consists 5 letters in our opinion, maybe was the last time in the Vox Crossword November 20 2023, and the solution to this hint is the ESSES. In the list below you can find all suggested answers sorted by rating, as well as all crossword puzzles in which this hint was found.

RatingAnswerLenghtClue or Hint
100%ESSES5Ulysses has three
63%ATOMS5Water has three
63%ENS3Cincinnati has three
63%CUBIC5Having three dimensions
63%TRINARY7Having three parts
63%TRICOLOR8Having three hues
63%TRIFOLD7Having three parts
61%SCALENE7Having three unequal sides
58%SIDES5A triangle has three
58%YARD4It has three feet
58%FEET4A yard has three
58%OSCARS6Jack Nicholson has three
57%ATOMS5A water molecule has three
57%GENDERS7The German language has three
57%ACTS4"Rigoletto" has three
57%BRAZILNUT9Its shell has three sides
57%ARS3"Error" has three
56%VEEPS5FDR had three of them
56%PAWNSHOPSIGNS13Many traditionally have three balls
56%BINDER6It may have three rings
55%SIGMAS6What Odysseus has three of?
55%SCALENE7Having three unequal sides, as a triangle
55%LEAR4Shakespearean king who had three daughters
55%MASTS5The Mayflower had three of them
55%HOLES5Bowling balls have three of them
54%OUTS4What a triple play has three of
54%ADIDAS6Shoe brand whose logo has three stripes
54%DATE4It has three numbers and two slashes
54%SOS3It has three dashes in the middle
54%PTS3A trilogy has three: Abbr.

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