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Gym's floor pads
Pen ___ (distant friend)
Sheltered spot
Emulate Tom Cruise, say
Combine together
Silent performers
Prefix meaning "half"
Wise saying
"Based ___ true story": 2 wds.
Six divided by six result
Oval-shaped farm delicacy
Pointed pencil part
Vlogging device, for short
Nigeria's continent, for short
___ de Triomphe, Paris landmark
Ghostly sound
Globe-trotter's reference book
Bygone Apple song album holder
Sugar-loving insect
Mimic someone
Innovator's spark
"Going once, going twice, ___!"
Hero's nemesis
Word before "chair" to mean an elevated seating for tots
Word after "golden" or "happy"
Word before "chair" to mean the leading performer's place in an orchestra
Hair piece?
Read a QR code, say
Settled the bill, say
"...have you ___ wool?"
"One day ___ time": 2 wds.
Break bread
One of the Teletubbies, when doubled
"___ the season to be jolly..."
Specialist, for short
Shape a beard, say
Word before "chair" to mean a backyard seat
Acidity-relieving drink
Word before "chairs" to make a fun song-filled party game
Space-___ (modern)
Nile serpent
Pin for hanging
___ 'n' cheese
"The best is yet to ___"
Messenger molecule: Abbr.
Word before "chair" to mean a seating option for beaches or camping
"From head ___": 2 wds.
Cook, like a turkey
"Grey's Anatomy" airer: Abbr.
Confidentiality contract: Abbr.