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Victoria's Secret purchase
___ Tin Tin (canine superstar)
Gulf State's prince
Adjust for pitch, as a guitar
Use a needle and thread, say
"How disgusting!"
Boxer's trophy
Try to win over, in romance
Actress Susan ___ of "The Partridge Family"
At a low ___ (in a weak state)
Dove's call
Super Bowl organization: Abbr.
"Well, ___ be a monkey's uncle!"
Tummy muscles, for short
Dubai's federation: Abbr.
Critically acclaimed 2005 drama series starring Ray Stevenson that was canceled after just two seasons
Modern artist's residence, maybe
Bar ___ (lawyer's big hurdle)
High-___ images
"The wheels on the ___ go round and round..."
Diviner's deck?
"Freaks and ___," critically acclaimed 1999 drama series starring Linda Cardellini that was canceled after one season
High-flying toy
Furry alien living with TV's Tanner family
Puppy's foot
Shinzo ___, former Prime Minister of Japan
Take a long, hard look
Tenant's rental contract
"Almost ___," critically acclaimed 2013 sci-fi drama series starring Karl Urban that was canceled after one season
Not imaginary, say
Special effects in big-budget action films, say: Abbr.
Pink Floyd or Green Day, for one
"It's ___ good to be true!"
"___ Peaks," critically acclaimed '90s drama series starring Kyle MacLachlan that was canceled after just two seasons
"Get ___ of that!" ("Lose that, quick!")
Wise, nocturnal bird
"To what do I ___ this pleasure?"
Flightless Outback bird
Male buddy, slangily
Spider's trap
"Game, ___, and match!"
Nabisco cookie
Newspaper revenue sources, for short
Work with wool?
Blot on a cloth
Odd one ___
Tongue-___ (speechless)
Dissenting votes
Crown for a princess
Gives a "go ahead," informally