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Root-beer vessel
Manatee or dugong
Far from certain
Dress of India
Provides the food
Entrepreneur's degree, for short
Celebration near the winter solstice, briefly
Beauty parlors
Actress Kravitz
Meeting for a remote worker
Sneak a glance
Major diamond retailer
Quality of the life of Riley
Mountains seen on the packaging of Toblerone and Swiss Miss
Spanish ___ (sixteenth-century fleet)
Antiques collection?
Close, as a duffel bag
Gallery events
Sugar ___, tree that turns fiery red in the fall
Color that Picasso became enamored with from 1901-1904
Bird on a Canadian dollar coin
Italian "hello" or "goodbye"
Unorthodox ideas
Letters above the sleeping face emoji
Foppish piece of neckwear
Bread for a patty melt
Commonly replaced joint
Modest apartment
Letters for debtors
Language spoken along the Mekong
Mysterious craft, for short
A long time
Bad impression?
Dot of land
Lavish party
Fast, bygone jet, for short
Spots for polish
From that fateful day forward
Zaps, in a way
Hamster cage consisting of interconnected tunnels and bubbles
National Gallery of Art architect
Would-be sleeper’s nuisance
"Titanic" award
Emergency signal
One flying on New Year’s Eve?
In myth they allure, but on the street they alert
Structure that might be used to generate electricity