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Hip-hop article
Cry upon reaching a destination
Twice 32-Down
Cosine’s reciprocal
"Hey, caught ya!"
Running on ___
Became more attentive, perhaps
___ y plata (state motto for Montana)
A little emotional, say
Like cranes, crakes, and 31-Across
Airport served by BART, for short
In-box document
Ancient readers of the Book of the Dead
Sounds from babies
Spanish number
Bette Midler's "Divine" nickname
What might help wrap up a gift … or a performance
Cornfield pests
Med.-plan option
"Indeed!," quaintly
___ Island (which is actually a peninsula)
Word in some farm names
Rolling Stones album "Get Yer ___ Out!"
Spoiler subject, perhaps
What visitors to Niagara Falls are often in
___ spine (central section of the vertebral column)
“___ let us in, knows where we’ve been” (“Octopus’s Garden” lyric)
"Select" or "chosen" quantity
Third leg of the U.S.’s Triple Crown
Escorts to the door
Arnaz who loved Lucy
Work by Bellini or Puccini
Southern California city nicknamed Goat Hill
Paleontologist's tool
Chili topping
Hall-of-Fame coach who purportedly said "Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit"
Highest point
Penalties that hit the pocketbook
Big name in printers and copiers
“This looks like trouble”
Get value from
“M*A*S*H” star Alan
Introspective question
REPEATS, repeats, repeats …
Acronym whose "E" stands for "engineering"