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Acronym whose "E" stands for "engineering"
Author Patchett
Ones who may administer MRIs
"Like that's ever gonna happen!"
Welsh cheese-on-toast dish
Corporate V.I.P.
"Not to mention ..."
Former employer for Brian Williams
A man of ___ word
Cup sought by many teams throughout history?
Matter of debate
She won an Oscar for playing Poppins
Will-call pickups, for short
Musical symbol for silence
Traditional Hanukkah gift
Be the subject of, as a photograph
Thinking A … B … maybe even C?
Carpet measurement
XML alternative, for feed readers
"___ only" (store sign)
"That huuurt!"
Window blind elements
Hudson of Ghostbusters
Super conductors?
Have pity
Thinking A … but also thinking B? Gah!
Chips in for a digital camera, in short?
Very small, informally
Sentence that includes every letter of the alphabet
In accordance with
True to one's public image
Docs’ bloc
Peruvian singer Sumac
Theater lobby
"Targeted" things on the internet
Iconic logo in athletic apparel
Rule ___ (order preserver)
Modern term for the psychological exhaustion showcased in this puzzle's theme
Feudal figure
Move gracefully
Raisins, sometimes, for a snowman
"It's going to have to wait"
Wash basin jug
“Cavalleria Rusticana” baritone
Alternative to an Airbnb
“Flowers” singer Cyrus